Strategy consulting - Research services

The Development Horizons Foundation (DHF) works in the areas of social justice, gender equality, environment and governance as rapid growth in post-transition Mongolia and new challenges in social and economic activities have dramatically changed our surrounding environment, governing structures, livelihoods and health standards of people giving serious signals that need to be urgently addressed.

What we do

DHF is a Mongolian non-governmental organization established with a goal to work with and lead the current and next generations towards inclusive and equal participation in the country’s development processes at the local and national levels as well as promote partnership for progress with all interested parties.
DHF is an accredited organization to the UNEP and UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), member of its NGO/Women’s Major Groups, observer organization to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
DHF provides continues counseling services to the Secretariat of the National Committee on Gender Equality (NCGE) led by the Prime Minister and DHF members act as the national gender experts.

Our Partners

Civil society organizations (CSO/NGOs) at the local (21 aimag administration offices), national and international levels including NGO/CSW, APWLD, MEFDA, M4DLink WIRMP; Government organizations and line ministries at central and local levels, research institutions, international organizations and donors including, ILO, UNW, UNDP, UNFPA, UNESCO, GIZ, SDC, ADB, WB, Asia Foundation, GGGI, WWF, EBRD, FDG

Government organizations and line ministries at the central and local levels including:

Civil society organizations CSO/NGOs) at the national and international levels including:

International and donor organizations including:

Private sector entities including:

Research Institutions including: